January 26, 2011

Let The Process Begin...

The coming weeks/weekends are going to be rather busy for Terron. He's finished his query letter and will start sending those off to literary agents. Making sure to choose the proper agent to represent you is everything in this process. So hopefully after lots of research the best ones have been chosen. HOW EXCITING IS THIS?! Let's get this show on the road people!!!

January 16, 2011

Heart full of gratitude!

As I'm finalizing the preparations to send out my query letters, my heart is full of gratitude to the many, many, many people who have helped with the process of getting my book series to where it is today. Here's a shout out to all of MY heroes!
(These are in no particular order and I'm not going to use any last names, but they know who they are and what they've done to help.)

Crystal, Travis, Scott (both of them), Tyler, Allen, Debbie, Melanee, Angela, Val, Quinn, Chris, Amy, Myron, Todd, AJ, Colin, Hykel, Sharon, Mark, Connie, Tiffany, Erik, Laura, Nicole, Gary, Emma, Susan, Bruce, Carol, Trevor (in advance)...

...and Lonnie.

I love you all!

January 15, 2011

Reference Maps

**click on photos for a larger view**




January 13, 2011

Welcome Fans!

Thank you all for dropping by and showing interest in the Beholders Series by Terron James. This is officially the first fan-site set up to honor his thrilling novel series. Show the love and "follow" this page. Anything new and interesting will be posted here first. You don't want to miss out!!