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Please note the following:
1.   Words without a pronunciation guide can be found in an English dictionary, but their definitions listed here are specific to Beholders.
2.   A separate definition can be found in the Glossary for all underlined words.
Pronunciation Guide
\ā\ as a in ape
\ər\ as er in person
\th\ as th in thin
\a\ as a in apple
\ī\ as i in ice
\ū\ as u in union
\ä\ as o in hop
\i\ as i in hit
\uh\ as u in bug
\ch\ as ch in chip
\ō\ as o in go
\ü\ as oo in loot
\ē\ as ea in easy
\qu\ as qu in quiet
\ů\ as oo in foot
\e\ as e in bet
\sh\ as sh in shop
\zh\ as si in vision

Aely – (ā΄-lē) new friend of Kaylen Shaw.
Allegna Ovann – (uh-leg΄-nuh | ō΄-van) wife to Dhargon Ovann; mother of Shalán Marcs.
Appernysia – (a-pər-nē΄-zhuh) the kingdom in which this story is set, established at the beginning of the First Age.
Aron Marcs – (ä΄-ruhn | märks΄) husband to Shalán Marcs and father of Lon and Mellai Marcs.
Beholder – a person with True Sight who can manipulate the world’s energy.
Beholder’s Eye – the tattoo surrounding the left eye of Beholders.
Bors Rayder – (bōrz΄ | rā΄-dər) a Taejan who led the Phoenijan rebellion against the King and Beholders at the end of the First Age; all Taejans who followed him took the title of Rayder.
Braedr Pulchria – (brā΄-dər | půl΄-krē-uh) son to Hans and Ine Pulchria; raised in Pree.
Bryst Grayson – (brist΄ | grā΄-suhn) Rayder supply wagon overseer.
calahein – (ca΄-luh-hīn) ancient enemy of Appernysia; exterminated from their home in Meridina near the end of the First Age; composed of kelsh, seith, and one queen.
Cavalier Crook – the southwestern quadrant of Itorea that houses the city’s nobles.
Channer – (chan΄-ər) member of a twelve-Rayder tactical squad; cousin to Keene.
Coel – (kōl΄) village leatherworker in Pree.
coming of age – an important transition from adolescence to adulthood in Pree, enabling a person to participate in village councils, start their own trade, build their own home, and marry and start a family; age fifteen for girls and age seventeen for boys.
Cortney Baum – (kōrt΄-nē | bäm΄) young Rayder daughter of Gil and Flora Baum.
Dawes – (däz΄) Rayder horse previously owned by Gil Baum.
Delancy Reed – (de-lan΄-sē | rēd΄) village brewer in Pree; father to Sonela Reed.
Dhargon Ovann – (där΄-guhn | ō΄-van) husband to Allegna Ovann; father of Shalán Marcs.
Dovan – (dō΄-ven) member of a twelve-Rayder tactical squad.
Drake – (drāk΄) a member of Gil Baum's Rayder squad.
Edis Ascennor – (ē΄-dis | uh-se΄-nōr) deceased wife of Myron Ascennor.
Elja – (el΄-zhuh) member of a twelve-Rayder tactical squad.
Elora – (ē-lōr΄-uh) village alfalfa farmer in Pree; widow with four sons.
First Age – the time period which began when Appernysia was first settled; ended after the Rayder revolution and banishment to the Exile; reference Second Age.
Flagheim – (flag΄-hīm) fortress city of the Rayders; located in the Exile about thirty miles north of the Dialorine Range.
Flora Baum – (flōr΄-uh | bäm΄) Rayder widow of Gil Baum; mother of Cortney Baum and two older sons.
Furwen Tree – (fər΄-wen) a massive tree with wood as hard as stone, grows over six hundred feet tall; located in the Perbeisea Forest.
Geila – (gā΄-luh) young pureblood Rayder woman executed for fornication with Sévart; gave birth to a child in the wilderness.
ghraef – (grāf΄) a large beast with thick, hardened skin that is covered in fur and an armored tail with a unique crystal on its tip; served as companions to Beholders, but disappeared after the end of the First Age.
Gil Baum – (gil΄ | bäm΄) the deceased Rayder husband to Flora Baum.
Hadon – (hā΄-duhn) village farmer of wheat and oats in Pree, along with Landon.
Hans Pulchria – (hänz΄ | půl΄-krē-uh) village blacksmith in Pree; husband of Ine Pulchria and father of Braedr Pulchria.
Ine Pulchria – (īn΄ | půl΄-krē-uh) mother of Braedr Pulchria and wife of Hans Pulchria, the village blacksmith in Pree.
Itorea – (ī-tōr΄-ē-uh) the capital of the Kingdom of Appernysia; also known as the Fortress Island or City of the King.
Jaed – (jād΄) an ethereal being; regulates the balance of the world’s energy; only visible by Beholders.
Jareth – (jer΄-eth) soldier in the Appernysian army; friend of Kutad.
Justice – a Rayder bridge.
Kaylen Shaw – (kā΄-len | shä΄) girlfriend of Lon Marcs and daughter of Scut Shaw.
Keene – (kēn΄) member of a twelve-Rayder tactical squad; cousin to Channer.
kelsh – (kelsh΄) the ground troops of the calahein.
King’s Court – an entity consisting of the seat of government and the royal household.
King Drogan – (drō΄-gen) current King of Appernysia.
King’s Cross –branded into the right temple of all Rayders; in the First Age, it was tattooed into the right temple of the Phoenijan from the blue petals of the Lynth Flower.
Kutad – (kü-täd΄) leader of the Appernysian trading caravan.
Landon – (lan΄-duhn) village farmer of wheat and oats in Pree, along with Hadon.
Lars – (lärz΄) member of a twelve-Rayder tactical squad; oldest member of the squad.
Linney – (lin΄-ē) deceased daughter of Kutad.
Llen – (len΄) a Jaed.
Lon Marcs – (län΄ | märks΄) twin brother of Mellai Marcs and son of Aron and Shalán Marcs.
Lon Shaw – (län΄ | shä΄) nickname used by Lon Marcs.
Lynth Flower – (linth΄) a rare blue flower that grows only in Itorea; its petals were used to tattoo Beholders and Phoenijan in the First Age; replicated as a silver pendant that is given to honored soldiers in Appernysia.
Mellai Marcs – (mel-ī΄ | märks΄) twin sister to Lon Marcs and daughter of Aron and Shalán Marcs; also known as Mel.
Meridina – (mer-i-dē΄-nuh) underground city of the calahein; destroyed near the end of the First Age.
Myron Ascennor – (mī΄-ruhn | uh-se΄-nōr) prior village delegate of Pree until his family was murdered by Rayders and his youngest son, Tarek, disappeared; has wandered Pree alone ever since.
Night Stalker – a tactical game created by the Rayders to test their stealth and skill; one team of 5 men tries to capture a diamond from a separate team of fifteen men without detection.
Nik – (nik΄) member of a twelve-Rayder tactical squad.
Nybol – (nī΄-bōl) village sheep and goat herder in Pree.
Old Trade Route – abandoned trade road in Appernysia that runs from Humsco to Pree before returning to Roseiri; reference Trade Route.
Omar Brickeden – (ō΄-mar | bri΄-ke-den) respected Rayder scholar.
Perbeisea Forest – (per-bā΄-zhuh) sacred woods located west of Itorea; made up of Furwen Trees.
Phoenijan – (fēn΄-i-zhan) elite guard of Appernysia in the First Age; composed completely of Taejans and led by Beholder Lieutenants; after the Rayder revolt at the end of the First Age, the role of the Phoenijan was dissolved.
Pree – (prē΄) a small village located in the southwestern corner of the Western Valley in Appernysia, 5 miles east of the Tamadoras Mountains.
Preton – (pre΄-tuhn) member of a twelve-Rayder tactical squad.
Ramsey – (ram΄-zē) village farmer of vegetables and fruits in Pree, along with Wellesly; father of Tirk.
Rayben Goldhawk – (rā΄-ben) current Rayder Commander.
Rayder – (rā΄-dər) title acquired when the Phoenijan followed Bors Rayder in a revolution against their King and the Beholders at the end of the First Age.
Rayder Commander – leader of the Rayders; functions similarly to the King of Appernysia.
Rayder Exile – the land north of the Zaga Ravine and the Dialorine Range; where the Rayders were banished to at the end of the First Age.
Réxura – (rex΄-ər-uh) a major trade city located at the eastern tip of the Vidarien Mountains.
Riyen – (rī΄-yen) member of a twelve-Rayder tactical squad.
Roseiri – (rōs-ēr΄-ē) a village located twenty miles south of the Vidarien Mountains, along the West River; home to Dhargon and Allegna Ovann.
Sátta – (sä΄-tuh) soldier in the Appernysian army; friend to Aely.
Scut Shaw – (scüt΄ | shä΄) village dairy farmer in Pree; father of Kaylen Shaw.
Second Age – the current time period in the story, which has been in existence for one thousand two hundred years.
seith – (sēth΄) flying calahein; great bane of the ghraefs.
Sévart – (sā΄-värt) young pureblood Rayder man executed for fornication with Geila.
Shalán Marcs – (shuh-län΄) wife to Aron Marcs and mother of Lon and Mellai Marcs; village healer in Pree.
Sonela Reed – (suh-ne΄-luh | rēd΄) daughter of Delancy Reed.
Sylbie – (sil΄-bē) large city that handles shipments from Réxura to Itorea; located at the connecting fork of the Sylbien River and Prime River.
Taeja – (tā΄-zhuh) ruined city in the Taejan Plains; home to the Taejans and Beholders in the First Age.
Taejan – (tā΄-zhuhn) title of the Rayders before their revolution at the end of the First Age; from the Taejans came the Phoenijan and Beholders.
Taejan Plains – (tā΄-zhuhn) the northwestern region of Appernysia between the Tamadoras Mountains and the Nellis River.
Tarek Ascennor – (ter-ek | uh-se΄-nōr) son of Myron Ascennor; went missing when the rest of his family was murdered by Rayders.
Tarl  (tärl΄) member of a twelve -Rayder tactical squad.
Tayla – (tā΄-luh) deceased wife of Kutad.
Thad – (thad΄) member of a twelve-Rayder tactical squad.
Theiss Arbogast – (tīs΄ | ar΄-bō-gast) young man who lives in the village of Roseiri.
Thorn – a conical watchtower situated north of the Zaga Ravine
Three Peaks – solitary watchtower mountain located in the Taejan Plains.
Tirk – (tərk΄) son of Ramsey, one of the village farmers of vegetables and fruits in Pree.
Trade Route – trade road that extends from Itorea to Pree, then circles around the Western Valley of Appernysia; reference Old Trade Route.
Trev Rowley – (trev΄ | rō΄-lē) current village delegate in Pree.
True Sight – the ability of a man to see the world’s energy.
Vance Talbot – (vans΄ | tal΄-buht) captain of the Rayder cavalry.
Wade Arneson – (wād΄ | ar΄-ne-suhn) member of a twelve-Rayder tactical squad; Rayder Lieutenant.
Warley Chatterton – (war΄-lē | cha΄-ter-tuhn) Rayder Lieutenant over siege weapons.
Weeping Forest – a boggy forest of weeping willow trees situated at the northern base of the Dialorine Range.
Wellesly – (wel΄-es-lē) village farmer of vegetables and fruits in Pree, along with Ramsey.
Western Valley – the southwestern region of Appernysia between the Tamadoras Mountains and the Pearl River.
Zaga Ravine – (zä΄-guh) a deep gorge that extends from the Tamadoras Mountains to the western tip of the Dialorine Range; marks the northern edge of the Kingdom of Appernysia.
Zaxton – (zax΄-tuhn) Appernysian scout at the Quint River.

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