March 13, 2015

Jekyll and Hyde Competition - "The Unseen Scene"

*takes HUGE breath and blows dust off of blog*

Hi everybody! This past year has been crazy, leaving little time to blog. Twelve years of collegiate torture will finally come to an end in May, at which point I will gladly activate this blog again. In the meantime, I have a fun contest I need you're help judging!

My 8th grade students have been studiously digesting Robert Louis Stevenson's novella Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the past couple of months. I ended the J&H unit with a creative writing competition extra credit opportunity.

I would LOVE your help judging this contest! Just read through the following nine "unseen scenes" of J&H (you don't have to know the book to participate), then leave a comment with a vote for your favorite. Thanks!


Story #1
Jekyll slipped through the door crack promptly. He twitched as he trudged towards the window. His face was beginning to morph and fold, suddenly it bounced into Hyde’s face. Hyde took a cautious glance out the window, to see Utterson and Enfield glancing right back at him. Hyde immediately thrust the window down and ran to the cabinet as quickly as possible. As he ran, he yelped and stumbled upon boxes. All he could think of was to hide. He ran into the cabinet door and and gave the handle a twist. The door was locked. He stirred his hands through his pockets and then raised the key out of his pocket. Once he was in the cabinet he searched through his papers. Jekyll was consciously telling him to find the recipe for a drug that Jekyll made himself. Hyde frantically scurried around the room, tripping over himself, bumping into furniture, and throwing papers anxiously. Hyde didn’t know what to do, he wanted Jekyll to handle the situation. Hyde continued to dig through drawers and boxes. “Finally,” sighed Hyde anxiously, “I found the recipe!” He ran over to the testing table and cleared off all the books and unwanted papers. He began to mix substances that popped out colorful gasses. He finally came out with the right mixture. He took the drug at once. Hyde hobbled to the sofa next to the fire and held onto it to keep his balance. He collapsed onto the sofa and stared into the fire. “One, two,” Hyde counted, “three.” Continued Jekyll. Jekyll stood up and shuffled to the testing table and cleaned up the mess around it. He put the books and and all the papers where they belong. When he was done cleaning up the mess that Hyde left behind, he went to a corner of the cabinet and rested his head in the corner. He turned around and slid down the corner on his back. “Hyde, what have you done? I am disappointed with your actions. I am tired of all this, Hyde. I am done. I will destroy you.” Jekyll sat there with his hands covering his face. “ I will destroy this thing that we share. You just cause me trouble. You’re ruining everything. I want a normal life.” continued Jekyll. He sat there all night wondering what was going to happen in the near future.

Story #2
"Hyde remove your childish fingers from my nose!" Jekyll solemnly pronounced. "Only if you stop trying to cut them off!" Hyde replied.

"The minuscule bones connected the human hand are not necessary past 90 years-old, it is a scientifically proven fact!" Argued Jekyll.

"Argh! They may not be necessary for an old man like you but they are needed for a youngster like me." Stammered Hyde.

"Aww poor Hyde, he still needs his baby flanges! Such a child. Anyway, Your stomach is growling at me, why don't you get us something to eat?" Jekyll responded.

"Well I'm sorry, I haven't eaten since that healthy protein drink you made me drink." Explained Hyde.

"It was a delicious vegetable shake, and it wasn't that bad. I added three raw eggs, spinach, grapefruit juice, and beets, just for your sensitive taste buds. " Jekyll said pridefully.

"Jekyll! Ugh, sometimes I wonder how you sleep at night. Anyway, can I pleeaasse go to McDonalds? Their chicken nuggets remind me of the cruelty of mankind. Killing the chicken, grounding up every single part of it's lifeless body and then frying it into a delicious masterpiece." Pronounced Hyde.

"Eww! I just threw up a little inside your mouth! Don't you dare put that garbage into my body, you will regret it!" Jekyll explained.

"Garbage?!?! It's my turn for our stomach so I get to decide what to eat, and I chose McNuggets!" Hyde said proudly.

"Fine you can eat them as long as you promise to go on a run later this evening." Jekyll stated.

"Hahaha, Jekyll! You're such a joker! Since my hunch was placed in your back last week, I have been doing nothing but curl-ups because the curling motion comes easily with my new and improved back. So I won't be doing any running tonight." Hyde said unwillingly.

"Just promise me that you will go on a walk at least, because I don't want to store your calories in my thighs. Got it?" Jekyll explained.

"What ever you say, your Majesty." Hyde responded sarcastically.

“Jekyll,” cried Mr. Utterson, with a loud voice, “I demand to see you.”

Story #3
“All at once, I saw two figures, one a little man who was stumping along eastward at a good walk, and the other a girl of maybe eight or ten was running as hard as she was able down a cross street. The two ran into one another naturally enough at the corner; and then came the horrible part of the thing; for the man trampled calmly over the child’s body and left her screaming on the ground,” explained Mr. Enfield, he continued saying, “I later heard why the little girl was running in the streets that late. It is a horrible tale to tell."

“What happened?” Mr. Utterson eagerly replied.

“Well at this time the little girl's Grandmother was about 88 years old, and was very sickly. She had some type of disease that was eating her up bit by bit, so she needed a doctor, and quick. The little girl's Grandfather had died prior to this incident, and her father was working to support her family. With no siblings, and her mother staying with her Grandmother, she had to go retrieve the doctor by herself. Her mother had no other choice than to send her.”

“Did she get the doctor? Did the Grandmother die? Enfield you must tell me!” Mr. Utterson demanded.

“The fellow who ran her over had to pay them $50,000 so they were able to get a doctor,” Enfield states, “but all I know is that the little girl is okay and not seriously injured, but she was still in shock. Sadly, the Grandmother didn’t survive because they did not get the doctor in time.”

Story #4
My Dear Utterson,- When this shall fall into your hands, I shall have disappeared, under what circumstances I have not the penetration to foresee, but my instinct and all circumstances of my nameless situation tell me that the end is sure and must be early. Go then, and read first the narrative which Lanyon warned me he was to place in your hands; and if you care to hear more, turn to the confession of
Your unworthy and unhappy friend,
Henry Jekyll

Jekyll folded the note. “ Oh where did I put that envelope?” Jekyll moved around papers on the usually organised desk.’ Why is your desk so messy Jekyll ?’ “ Shut up Hyde! What do you want any way?” ‘ Oh come on Jekyll. Why so stiff? I just wanted to talk.’

“ No Hyde. Whenever you want to ‘just talk’ it’s when you want something. And you’re not getting it. Not this time. You’re not getting anything any more.” ‘ Oh we’ll just see about that. So why don’t go ahead and let me out of this silly little brain of ours and let me go and have some fun huh?’ “ No Hyde! I’m not going to let you take advantage of me.” Jekyll got up from the desk and slid the envelope with a note for Poole to give it to Utterson.’ Please Jekyll. Let me out. I won’t do something too drastic. I promise! * I know you want to.*’ “No Hyde. You are not getting out of my… our head. I’m in control. I’m the one who has had enough. I’m done!” ‘ ‘Jekyll, Jekyll, Jekyll. You know me. You know that i can force my way out of your thoughts and make you the thought. This is my last time that I’ll be nice and sweet. So Jekyll. I’ll give you one more chance. Let me out. Now!’ “ Hyde. I’m not afraid anymore. I am done with this life. When you came in, I thought that you were good. Then you stomped on that little girl. I thought ‘All right. It was probably an accident.’ Then we met Carew on the street. I thought that I was doing great controlling you. But somehow, you got in control. I had to watch you beat Carew to death. I had to watch you make him into strawberry jam. But what made it worse, is that you used my cane that Utterson gave to me as a present. I had to watch you commit murder through your… our eyes.

Hyde had finally had enough. ‘ Allright Jekyll. You brought this upon yourself. I tried being nice. But you forced me to take drastic measures.’ Jekyll gave out aggravating scream. “ Hyde. Please. Think about this. You don’t want to do this.” Jekyll opened his mouth again. Only this time, it wasn’t Jekyll’s normal kind voice. It was a raspy voice. It was Hyde’s voice. “ Sorry Jekyll. I told you that I was coming out. I tried to warn you.” Jekyll was fighting back. It was aggravating. It hurt so bad, it felt like he had just had millions of bees and leaches stinging and sucking all the blood from his body. Like the pests were sucking out pain and replacing it with a pain that was so much bigger than before. Jekyll had tried to speak, but what came out was just groans of horrifying pain. Jekyll looked down his hands were starting to look grey and a little sickly. Hyde spoke. “ How much does it hurt Jekyll? Hmm? How much do you want to just pull the flesh from your bones? How much do you just want to crumple into nothing just to stop the pain? Huh? How.... much…. do…. you…. want…. to…. sssstttttooop? Just say when and I will stop your pain.” “No Hyde. I will stay strong.” Jekyll gave another blood churning scream. “ It’s too bad Jekyll. While you were doing your little chemical study, I found a way to increase your pain, while I walk pain-free.”

Jekyll couldn’t take it anymore. Jekyll let go. Hyde walked over to the mirror. Jekyll was discussded by his appearance. Hyde was still wearing his clothes, which were much too big for him. His black, greasy hair was just a mess, placed all over his head in every direction possible. And Jekyll couldn’t remember how, but Hyde’s teeth were sharp. Not even sharp. Sharp did not even began to cover it. They were fangs. Like vampire or werewolf fangs. The area around his eyes were black and tired. Hyde looked young, but had aged and old eyes. He fixed Jekyll’s tie and grinned a horrible smile.” Well Jekyll, you might be a geek, but you have good taste in style. Even if they are a little too big for me.” ‘ Hyde. Please let me go back. I need to do something. It will help you. Please Hyde. I just want to help.’ “ Jekyll, Jekyll ,Jekyll. When are you going to realize that I don’t want your help anymore. You always go out of your way to help, but I won’t listen anymore.”

Then there was a knock at the door. “ A Mr. Utterson to see you sir.” ‘Oh no. Hyde please let me out to talk to Utterson. Please!’ ‘ No Jekyll. You better have enjoyed your last conversation with him. I’ve something big planned for him.’ ‘Hyde, what are you thinking? What are you going to do?’ ‘ Jekyll, do you think that I’m stupid? I’m definitely not going to tell you!’ “ Sir? Are you there?” Hyde had to act quickly. “ Tell him that I can’t see anyone at the moment.” “ Yes sir.” Hyde waited until Poole had left. ‘ Hyde please. if you just-’ “ No Jekyll! You are not getting out of our head! I’m the star of the show now!” Hyde let out a horrifying laugh. “ Sorry Jekyll. But you lost control a long time ago.”

Jekyll had had enough. He tried as hard as he could to make the feet and arms move. Right foot. Left foot. One at a time. Hyde was screaming. “ Jeekkyyll! Stop this mutiny right NOW!” ‘ No. I’m finishing you... us. I will not let you hurt Utterson!’ There was bumping and shuffling all over the room. Hyde was rufless. But Jekyll was determined. Fighting and jerking. Throwing punches towards the same body. Jekyll had to focus in order to win. Fighting Hyde, while also trying to move the body. Jekyll grabbed the vile and the liquid. He tried to fix the poison, but Hyde was fighting back with all his might.

“Jekyll, don’t. Stop this right now!” ‘ No Hyde. You will be SILENCED!’ Jekyll made Hyde’s arm jerk up to his mouth in order to drink the poison. Hyde gave a scream so foul, and yet it made Jekyll heave a sigh of relief and peace.The body fell to the floor with a massive thud still twitching and jerking, like when you cut the head from the chicken and the body still runs around. Jekyll knew that from this decision that he would be at peace, and Hyde would be at peace as well. He knew that by killing the two of them, that it would be the best decision that he had ever made. And that was the end of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde.

Story #5
“Poole, replied the lawyer, If you say that, it will become my duty to make certain” (Stevenson 44). While this discussion was going on with Mr. Utterson and Poole this is what Jekyll was thinking. “Hyde you must let me change back into my regular form!” “Now why would I do that and if I wanted to how, there is not enough of that accursed salt for me to turn back into you!!!” “You need to release your hold on my mind, I believe that if you did this I would be able to turn into my regular form.” “ If I release my hold on your mind and body I may never come back! Is this your plan make me release you and then you could have your old life back!” “no no I would never…” “ I know your thoughts remember I am you, I understand how you think you can hide nothing from me!” “Unless I change my thoughts.” mutters Jekyll. “ I heard that! Like I said you can hide nothing!” “But they will kill us! You won’t be able to hide, do bad things to people, or let your anger out.” “I won’t need to if I’m already dead!” Hyde begins to create a formula for a substance that will kill him and Jekyll forever. “No you mustn’t do that! It will ruin us!” “I know what it will do, I want to be rid of you forever, no more thoughts that will keep me from doing what is right!” “Killing us won’t accomplish anything! It will just make things worse!” “ How would doing this make my life worse and even if it did living wouldn’t make it better!” “I could make it better! I could figure out a way to separate our two figures!” “ No you couldn’t, you have tried before and not succeeded. Why would it be any different now?” “I haven’t tried hard enough, I could do it because of the pressure that you will put on me it will drive me so hard that I will be able to make a cure!” “ You know that you doubt yourself. Why are you trying to save a life that is no longer yours?” “...You’re right.” Jekyll says with unwilling acknowledgement “ But before you do it will you let me write a letter to Utterson to explain what has happened?” “ No, he does not deserve to…” Before Hyde could say another word he was forced into Jekyll’s body by the final swallow of the tonic. As soon as Jekyll had fully taken control he began to write the letter. “ I must hurry before he gets out again. I’m lucky that worked at all.” Jekyll says. He begins writing the letter, “ I was born in the year 18-...”(Stevenson 60) As soon as Jekyll had finished the letter and hidden it in a place that Hyde would never suspect, because he would never expect, Hyde reformed. “You did it didn’t you.” “Did what?” Jekyll asks innocently. “You know what! Don’t you try to hide things from me! No matter anyway, we don’t have time to fix your wrong doings. We must begin creating our last drink.” I’m afraid we don’t have time Hyde” who had begun boiling a pot of water. Then Jekyll takes out a substance and makes Hyde drink it. Hyde shrieks with surprise and falls on the floor dying in a subtle painless death. His last thoughts are “Why did you do it this way?” “So they will know that I died in peace,” Jekyll replies.

Story #6
“‘Jekyll,’ cried Utterson, with a loud voice, ‘I demand to see you’”(Stevenson 46). “Dang it, why had Poole let Utterson in?” Jekyll thought. “Because he’s onto us!” Hyde thought back. Jekyll was stuck in the body of Hyde again, and he feared it would be the last time.

“Hyde! No one that is alive knows. We are safe.” Jekyll stated.

”What about Poole? Hmm? If he’s seen you run to the lab one too many times.”

”You need to stop worrying, no one knows.”

”Well then hurry and drink the potion.” Hyde demands.

”But I don’t want to, it tastes rather awful and people should know its you.” Jekyll replies.

”No! Then they will kill us.” Hyde screams in his mind.

”All the better if you aren’t around.”

”But, you need me, you’re too old to continue living in your mangled body.”

”But everyone is scared to death when they see you!” Jekyll exclaims

”Well then they better die, if they can’t handle all of this!”

”You are a deformed looking man with clothes that are about three sizes too big for him.”

”Yes, everyone else is ugly, all average looking and using clothes that actually fit them.” Hyde sneers.

”You are insane.”

“Why thank you kind sir.”

“That wasn’t a compliment.” Says Jekyll reaching for a knife. Hyde immediately tries to restrain the arm, fighting Jekyll. Jekyll maneuvers his hand and surprises Hyde. Hyde stops trying to force it and Jekyll inches closer to his neck. Hyde continues fighting knocking their body to the floor.

“Give up Hyde, its been far too long I’ve let you control me.” Jekyll states in his mind.

“I can’t and I will never, ever stop. This is my life on the line here too.” Hyde becomes angered, and pauses.

“But, I need to protect other people, not just us.” Jekyll sighs. As Hyde thinks for a moment Jekyll takes this as an advantage and sticks the knife into himself and just lays there, content before his inevitable death.

Story #7
London hummed solemnly all around; but nearer at hand; the stillness was only broken by the sound of a footfall moving to and fro along the cabinet floor. “They have come” a voice sounded with a tone of concern. “Yes I know” replied the other. Voices sounded outside the door and Hyde stopped pacing. “Why have they come?” Hyde muttered with much annoyance. “They have come to help Hyde” Jekyll informed his partner. Poole continued to consult with Mr. Utterson. “Once” he said. “Once I heard it weeping!” “Weeping? How that?” said the lawyer, conscious of a sudden chill of horror. “Weeping like a woman or a lost soul.” Said the butler. “I came away with that upon my heart that I could have wept too.” “Why won’t he treat his master with respect?” Hyde muttered again with anger filling him up. “Because you are not his master.” Jekyll retorted a little ruder than he hoped. “Jekyll.” cried Mr. Utterson with a loud voice. “I demand to see you.” He paused a moment, but there came no reply. “I give you fail warning. Our suspicions are aroused, and I must and shall see you” He resumed, “if not by fair means, the by foul-if not of your consent, then by brute force.” “Utterson,” said the voice, “For god’s sake, have mercy!” Voices outside the cabinet door resumed their quieted talk. “Down with the door, Poole!” cried Utterson. Poole swung the axe over his shoulder, the blow shook the building, and the red baize door leaped against the lock and hinges. “Quickly I must take the poison!” Hyde shouted in fear and panic. “No! Hyde we still have much to do!” Jekyll tried to fight back. Another swing of the axe shook the house, biting at the baize door. Hyde quickly lunged for the chemical on the table, faster than Jekyll could react. “No I won’t let you!” Jekyll cried trying his best to shove the poison. A second swing hit the door. “Jekyll if they find me it’s all over! Just like Lanyon” Hyde threw back using all his strength to defeat Jekyll. A third then a forth swing was breaking the tough wood. “Sorry Jekyll but I am too important to be caught by a butler and a Lawyer” Hyde told Jekyll then drinking the poison. Jekyll stared at his mirror. Such a loyal, but strange mirror.

Story #8
Hyde pulled his coat up to his chin as an icy breeze flew by. As he did, he heard someone stumbling close, and began to get annoyed. He didn’t have time for some drunken lunatic or some other pushy person. The night was wasting away! He only had so long before the accursed Jekyll drank that putrid potion again and then he, Edward Hyde, would have to wait in the dark till Jekyll would lose control of himself and release his evil side. All Hyde wanted to do is make Jekyll submit himself to Hyde. As this thought occurred, The drunken man coughed the rancid smell of alcohol right in Hydes face. Then Hyde got a wicked idea. An evil wicked plan to make Jekyll submit himself. Hyde hoisted up his heavy set cane and with gave the man two quick blows to the head. The man crumpled to the ground and Hyde gave him a furious blow to the leg. Hyde smiled as he slammed the cane into the mans chest, hearing rips crack and break. The entertained killer allowed Jekyll to watch in horror as he then gave the man another blow so terrifyingly hard that his whole body rose off the pavement below. Hyde let out a soft laugh as he felt his prisoners terror. Finished, a smiling Hyde then stood back, panting as he admired his work. The man now was almost unrecognizable. Bones stuck out in various places and blood pooled around the body.. A young maid screamed in the distance as the culprit escaped into the groggy night, smiling at the deed that was done.

Story #9
The pains of the transformation roll over me like a tsunami crashing on the beach. “It will be over soon” I promise my tormented conscience. Soon I will come back to myself and everything will be okay. The pain subsides and I look into the mirror. Relief washes over me as I see my face-the face of Henry Jekyll-reflected in the glass. I hear footsteps below me. I can also make out the voices of my ever faithful butler, Poole, and… could it be…? Why Utterson is down there too! What good fortune; Utterson is just the person I need to see! His company will do me good. I rise and start towards the door. No sooner have I taken two steps when the pains return.

I’m tired of this sniveling fool being in control! His intense guilt and remorse at my actions continually cloud his mind and prevent him from moving on. That was the last time that I will submit of my own accord! I rage forward now, intent on possessing this body on my own, without Jekyll’s influence! He will most likely put up a fight, but I will crush him mercilessly! Coward that he is, I will force him away and make him submit to me, and he will do it. I feel the wracking pains and feel the body-my body-begin to shrink as I return to stay.

I’m on the floor now, groaning and squirming like an infant with a stomach ache. He wants to come back, he wants me gone. That cannot happen! I can hear Poole and Utterson on the staircase now, rapidly approaching. Utterson is calling out warnings, trying to stall Poole, trying to give me time. He must be aware of my condition. If only I could get Hyde back under. He has returned; I see him in the mirror. I must fight him. I sense his amusement at my thoughts. He thinks me a coward! Well I will show him. I struggle to possess my hands. Hyde is too surprised to stop me, and I’m able to mix the transforming draught and swallow it down before he brushes me aside again.

No! This fool thinks to push me back under. Now he feels brave from his actions. The pains start again-I’m getting tired of this-and the body begins to grow and change yet again. I will not let this happen! I fight the drugs that make us change. Looking in the mirror, Jekyll cries out in my voice. His body has returned, yes, but with many of my features. The hands, the mouth, the eyes… Ha! My eyes look truly evil on the face of such a “kind man”. This temporary distraction permits Jekyll to seize control again.

Now I realize that there is no beating Hyde. He will not submit, and I cannot submit. There is too much at stake here for me to let him be the sole controller of this body. And now Poole and Utterson are right outside the door! I beg Utterson for mercy, but in Hyde’s voice. They don’t think it’s me. I hear Utterson say that he hears Hyde’s voice and not mine. Utterson, Utterson it is me! But it is also Hyde. It will always be Hyde. I cannot control him anymore. He has become too strong for me. As much as we both love life, we cannot exist this way. I blame myself for unleashing Hyde. Giving him freedom has led to the ruin of both of us. Well, no more suffering. So great is my conviction that Hyde’s attempts to stop me don’t even bother me. I reach for a phial of some drug. I do not know what it is, nor do I care. It’s time to end this.

I cannot reach Jekyll. What is he doing…? I see what he’s reaching for and understanding hits me like a ton of bricks. He intends to put a stop to everything. I consider struggling, but I realize it will be useless. I cannot break through to stop him. I know why he’s doing this, and while I hate having to end things this way, I have to agree with him. It has become too difficult for us to exist together. There was never really any hope of us existing together.

Our minds seem to merge, and now we share the same thoughts. We grimace, and swallow the phial. A terrible burning rushes through our veins. We can feel our life slipping away. Even now as life is ebbing from us, we are at war with each other. Each feels the feral desire to be in control for those last precious seconds. We start twitching uncontrollably, and foam spews from between our lips. Our vision goes fuzzy and we see black spots. Our heart stops and now it’s really over. We cry out one more time, a bitter cry for the unfairness of life, and the light fades…


Cathy said...

I read them all and I have to say # 9 was the one that seemed the most coherent and well put together for me. That's my vote.

Tiffani Baker said...

I agree with Cathy, #9 is well done.