January 14, 2015

True Sight's Official Reveal!

Seeing how the new book cover is leaking out, I figured I better jump on the bandwagon. After all, why wait?

Soooo... what's better than one book from the Beholders series? TWO BOOKS! It is with great honor and satisfaction that I officially introduce True Sight, book two of the Beholders series! Well done again with a gorgeous design, Jolly Fish Press!

Seriously folks, if you liked Insight, you're going to LOVE True Sight. I cannot wait for you to read it! Only one more month before it hits the shelf! C'mon, February 17th! Get here already!

Now what you gonna do, my dedicated fans?! Share, share, share! (please, please, please?) If I've learned anything about selling books over the past 4 years, it's that I cannot make them successful by myself. I NEED your help. Word of mouth is still the number one seller of books, by a landslide.

And what are you gonna do, world?! Buy, buy, buy!
If you pre-order now, you'll receive a hefty discount!

(no hardcovers are being printed for book 2...yet... but if we get this book selling like it should, I guarantee them in the future!)

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Stephen Hales said...

Hey Terron James. I love your first book and I was wandering, what is the price for the hard cover book 1?