May 23, 2013

Names & Places in Insight

I've been frequently asked where/how I came up with the names of people and places in INSIGHT, so I thought I'd give you an all-inclusive list of my crafted names. Enjoy!

Aely = my niece, Ashley
Allegna and Geila = my older sister, Angela
Appernysia = combination of apperception and Dionysia
Baum = my 8th grade student, M. Baum
Braedr = my brother-in-law, Brent
Briyél = my niece, Brinley
Bryst = my old co-worker, Bryan Westover
Calahein = combination of calamitous and heinous
Casconni = my niece, Cassidy, and my sister-in-law, Connie
Channer = my nephew, Chanler
Cortney = my niece, Cortney
Dawes = my 2nd son, Dawsen
Dax = my 4th son, Daxton
Dovan = my nephew, Donovan
Drake = my 7th grade student, Drake
Elja = my nephew, Elijah
Flagheim = combination of flagitious and heinous
Furwen = my 7th grade student, Owen F.
Humsco = my buddy, Scott Humphries
Hykel = my friend, Hykel
Itorea = variation of Aetoria, a combination of aeternum and meritorious
Jareth = my friend, Jared Ward
Jaul = my ex-girlfriend, Jaime, and my wife's ex-boyfriend, Paul
Jev (coming in book 2) = my singing buddies, Steve and Jordan
Kamron (coming in book 2) = my nephew, Cameron
Kaylen = a combination of my parents, Allen and Debra Kay
Keene = my nephew, Keian, and my cousin, Keyne
Kerod = my nephews, Parker and Todd
Lars = my middle name, Larsen
Linney = my niece, Lindsey
Llen = my 1st son, Dallen
Lon = my deceased brother, Lonnie
Marcs = my brother-in-law, Mark
Mellai = my younger sister, Melanee
Myron = my old coworker, Myron
Nik = my nephew, Nik
Ovann = my niece, Savanna
Perbeisea = a combination of perdurable and obeisance
Phoenijan = my 3rd son, Duncan Phoenix
Preton = my nephew, Preston
Queen Cyra (coming in book 2) & Lynth flower = my wife, Crystal Lyn
Rayben = my old acquaintance from a previous job, Ray Bennett
Riyen = my nephew, Riyen
Roseiri = my friends, David & Amy Rose
Sátta = my old boss, Sattar
Scutt = my brother-in-law, Scott
Sévart = my buddy, Travis Alexander
Shalán = a combination of my parents-in-law, Sharon and Dallas
Sonela = my brother-in-law, Jason, and his wife, Leanne
Sylbie = my nieces, Sydney and Shelbie
Taie Island = my sisters-in-law, Stacie and Debbie
Tamadoras = my nephew, Matt
Tarek = Terron
Tarl = my friend, Tarl
Tayla = my niece, Taylor
Theiss Arbogast = my close friend, Chris Theiss, and his deceased wife, Joy Arbogast Theiss
Tirk = my sister-in-law, Tiffany, and her husband, Erik
Toj = my two old co-workers, Todd Snider and AJ Shaffer
Trev = my nephew, Trevor
Warley = my uncle, Warren
Wegnas = my old computer server, Weg-nas
Zaxton = my 7th grade student, Zaxton

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