March 31, 2011

Rose Springs Elementary School - Take 1

For all of you that have wanted to know more about Beholders: Insight, now is your chance! A word of warning, though. It might not make complete sense because the information will be a little scattered. Here's why...

The students of Mrs. Nielsen's 6th grade class at Rose Springs Elementary School have been reading Beholders: Insight together. At the end of Chapter 7 (of 31 total chapters), they took a few minutes to write down their comments/questions for me. I was pleasantly surprised to get quite a few, so I'm going to break them into segments and post them here. Here is the first wave!

First, I wanted to thank Chad for all the fun artwork on his paper!

"What is a Beholder?" -Chelsea

A Beholder is a person that can wield the power of True Sight. What is True Sight? It's the ability to see the surrounding world's energy. The strange haze that Lon sees is that energy, but seeing it is only the very beginning of becoming a Beholder. The hard part is figuring out how to manipulate that energy.

"I don't get the Beholders stuff." -Unknown 1
"I think this book is a little confusing, but it's pretty good so far." -Ashley
"The book is very good. It's not the best. Sorry. I love it but it's really confusing." -Chelsea

I don't blame you for being confused. Lon has lots of questions at the end of chapter 7, too. Remember, Beholders have been dead for over 1,200 years. Almost all knowledge of True Sight has been lost, so Lon's got his work cut out for him. I want you to know how he feels, so although I know it's frustrating, I'm glad you're confused. Imagine if you were him!

"I don't really understand how Lon can be a Beholder when his dad is a Rayder. How is that possible? Wouldn't Lon be a Rayder, if anything?" -Brianna
"How could Lon be a Beholder when his dad was born as a Rayder?" -Chad
"How is Lon's father a Rayder but Lon is the Beholder?" -Chans
"How can you be a Beholder if your dad is normal or a Rayder?" -Howie
"If Lon is a Beholder, wouldn't his dad have to be one?" -Katrina

The underlying question to all of these comments is, "Who can become a Beholder?" You are just about to find out in your reading, but I'll give you a little sneak preview. When Beholders were alive in the 1st Age, they were all born from the same bloodline. Can you guess what bloodline that is? Yep, Rayders!

"My observation is that Aron was a Beholder but his dad covered it up by making him a Rayder so no one would know, and that he didn't even know he was a Beholder so it would protect him." -Katrina

Insightful observation! At this point, I must refrain from saying whether or not you are correct, but it's a wonderful perspective!

"How come Lon passes out when True Sight overcomes him?" -Ashley

That is exactly what Lon and his family are wondering. Sorry, it's too much of a spoiler to answer here, but I promise you'll find the answer in this book if you keep reading!

"I like the crazy dude that killed the 4 Rayders." -Howie
"Is Myron's son (Tarek) at the Rayder camp?" -Ashley

For those who haven't read Insight yet, the crazy dude is Myron. His whole family was murdered by Rayders, except for one son who disappeared. That son's name is Tarek. Needless to say, Myron doesn't like the Rayders.

Howie, I loved writing Myron's character, too! Keep reading! Even though he dies at the beginning of the book, he keeps finding his way back into the story.

Ashley, you'll discover more about what happened to Tarek the further you read. I promise!

Thanks for all the questions and comments! Keep an eye out for Take 2!


Anonymous said...

These are very good questions from 6th graders. They are definitely paying attention!

Terron James said...

Agreed! I'm very impressed with this class!