June 2, 2011

Beholders Vinyl Stickers

The vinyl logos have arrived for advertising Beholders!

If you would like to help advertise Beholders, I'll give/send these vinyl logos to you for free and, if possible, put them on myself so you don't have to worry about it.

If you haven't already volunteered to have one of these placed on your car(s), I still have 18 left to share! :) Please let me know.

Kudos to Scott Humphries for designing it and to Swortz Designz for providing such an amazing product!


stangerfam@gmail.com said...

Hey, wouldn't that look great on the back of my granny-van? I'll take one!.Sharon

Laura B said...

I saw one of those the other day. Very fun way to advertise.

Joanna said...

Your stickers totally worked! I was driving behind you today and now here I am! Great way to advertise

Vinyl Decals said...

Black and white theme's a real classic. It never fades. That will sure give your cover top and very chic look.

Sticker Printing said...

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