November 21, 2011

Updates on Multiple Contests

There are some fantastic things going on behind the scenes right now, so here's a quick update.

First, I need to announce the winner of October's giveaway. Congratulations to Diana, who has won a free Nook 1st Edition Wi-fi! Sorry it took so long to make this announcement, but things have been crazy around here the past few weeks.

As many of you know, I've been really busy this month visiting schools. Right now, several competitions are underway.

At Stansbury High School, I've initiated at least 6 classes in a writing contest of poetry and short stories. The submissions have already been rolling in and the final deadline is November 30.

At Canyon View Middle School, students are competing in an illustration contest. As of right now, entries for this contest are also due by November 30. Students in grades 6-8 will be illustrating a high-tension scene from my novel, Insight. For those of you who are dying to know which scene, it involves a kidnapping. :)

For the competitions at Stansbury and CVMS, I will post their submissions here for you to read, so look forward to a lot of fantastic material in the near future. All competitors understand that my website viewers will be voting on their favorites. That's right, you get to be the jury! The winner of each competition will receive a free Beholders t-shirt and a permanent link to their work on my website.

Blog posts about the workshops at Stansbury High and CVMS are also forthcoming, so keep checking back!


Krista said...

I know things have been crazy for you! Sounds like you have been up to a lot. Hope things calm down for you soon :)

Grandmama and Gramps said...

Good stuff!