January 31, 2012

"Aliens" - Exercise #4

by Terron James

I don’t see what the big deal is it’s just a flash of light it’s our project after all and I wouldn’t miss it for anything ‘cause no camera can capture this kind of detail like in a concert with a live band thumping the walls with bass no recording can replace the real thing.
I have bad eyesight already so there’s not any risk lasik can’t fix later. Funny how lasers work like that destroying sight and restoring it again. A real oxymoron like most of the other morons in my group sitting back and wasting my time but not really theirs ‘cause something has to be valuable to be wasted and they just smoke and flirt and drink and puke while I pick up all the slack and get them the good grades they’ll use to slip into some top engineering office just because they have looks and style and I’m a peter jackson rehash who cares more about what I do than how I dress but that doesn’t really matter to the big dogs when it all comes down to it I’ll end up in a basement corner like dan aykroyd in spies like us what a loser he was just like me wish I had a photon pack to fry these leeches and cage them in a red electronic prison ‘til another politician comes around and spoils everything and sets them loose again they’re like cockroaches that’ll follow me around the rest of my life ruining my image and making my life hell…

…I should’ve stayed at hq and held those incompetent’s hands and changed their diapers but I would have smashed their own crap in their faces and made this test work instead of standing here in the dark cold waiting to prove my research and make a name for myself that my group will steal and use to get themselves into the jobs I deserve when they’re the kind of people running the show so no wonder this country is so screwed up run by shiny-shoed politicians instead of people like me who really have a clue what’s going on and how to fix things but I’ll fix them good with this laser when it hits a gas pocket in the ozone and refracts a light that makes them think we’re under alien attack and I’ll save the world with my death ray because I’m the only one who knows how to kill an alien by frying its brain which isn’t hard to do because it’s so huge stop thinking about it they’re probably probing my brain right now I’ll ruin everything—

* * * * *

The purpose of this exercise was to create a stream of consciousness from a photograph. I chose the guy with his eyes open in the following picture.

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