April 10, 2012

You're vs. Your vs. Yore

You're going to drive me crazy with your inability to distinguish between you're and your. Medieval knights of yore had a greater command of the English language. Are you hearing the words coming out of my mouth? Are they penetrating your ears? You're going to remember, now, right, or will this info slip out of your memory again?

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Robin Lythgoe said...

My kids suffer a severe case of this malady. I am *sure* they attended school—physically, anyway! Funny post. :D

Anonymous said...

One of my big pet peeves, thanks for sharing!

Feliza said...

This is the reason why I must proof read every email I send to you at least 5 times. My student would be horrified if he knew I made a grammatical error whilst writing to you. He lives in terror that I will report his grammatical errors at home to you. Hope you're having a good weekend!