May 2, 2011

Sign Up for Updates!

Some wonderful things are happening with BEHOLDERS right now and I want to keep everyone informed. We are in the process of creating an automated signup list on the blog, but in the meantime, please give me your email and I will manually email you with important updates. You can either add your email as a comment to this post or email me directly (authorterronjames[AT]gmail[DOT]com).

(Pretend the following is written in blood.)
"I hereby solemnly swear that your email will not be distributed to anyone and will be used for the sole purpose of sending updates about BEHOLDERS." (signed) Terron James

There. I hope that puts to rest any worries you have about giving your email to me. :)

I'm excited to share all the upcoming excitement of BEHOLDERS! Even if you don't feel comfortable giving me your email, check back frequently!

1 comment:

Grandmama and Gramps said...

You have mine & I would love update emails!