July 24, 2012

Glimpse into 7th Grade - Take 3

My life in 7th grade was a trial, to say the very least. I didn't have many friends. In fact, even my sibling closest in age was my enemy. The following was the biography I wrote for her in my 7th grade Honors English class at Jefferson Jr. High School (in Kearns, UT). I'll give this disclaimer in advance... Melanee and I get a lot MUCH better nowadays. When I look back, I can't even recall what made me so vengeful. *sigh*

(typos left uncorrected)

Melanee James was born on September 17. She is my little sister and is a pain in the butt. She is always whining and cries for the stupidest reasons. One time she was acting really snotty so I took the responsibility to get her to be quiet and yelled at her to shut up and she started balling her head off and I got in trouble for it.

Right now, she is in fifth grade and thinks she is the most popular girl in her class. But, whenever I tell other people that she told me that, she acts like she didn't say anything.

Melanee is about the worst liar I've ever seen. She tells us something that is impossible to happen and, no mater how obvious it is, she won't tell us what really happened. Like one time, she had a hoagie about 1 1/2' long and I told her she had to eat it all before she could play. So, I went downstairs to watch T.V. but came up in about 30 seconds because I couldn't hear her upstairs. When I got upstairs, she was outside playing. I knew she couldn't have eaten it that fast, so I tried to get her to admit that she didn't eat it. But as I said before, she wouldn't give in and just kept saying, "I just shoved it down really fast." So, I took drastic measures and checked the garbage and sure enough, there was the hoagie with only one bite in it.

This is my biography on Melanee James.

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