July 31, 2012

Glimpse into 7th Grade - Take 4 (Final)

I wrote the following autobiography in my 7th grade Honors English class at Jefferson Jr. High School (in Kearns, UT). This will be the final piece of your glimpse into 7th grade. As you'll discover, I disliked both of my sisters (although the younger definitely had the brunt of my hatred). Glad our differences have all been sorted out. :)

Oh, and as a side note, my wife just looked at the picture I posted below and said, "Man, you were so hot! I would have followed you all over the school!" Yes, she was being sarcastic. Yes, I know I was goofy lookin'. And yes, girls did follow me all over the school, but not because they wanted my body. They had a very different agenda in mind.

7th Grade
(typos left uncorrected)

I live a Frustrating life with my brother and two snotty sisters. One of my sisters named Angela is five years older than I am. My other sister is the baby of the family. She gets everything just the way she wants it and me and my brother, named Lonnie, who is four years older than me, always end up getting in trouble for it. My parents named this spoiled brat Melanee. She is two years younger than I am and thinks she can do whatever she wants. which my parents, who are Debra and Allen, practically tell her she can.

Now, on to my life. The furthest thing back that I can remember is when I was about four years old. My mom and I were on the way to the doctor and I didn't know what was going on. I thought we were just going for a visit and did not know I was about to get a shot. I remember that I had an eye test and they took my blood pressure and stuff. Then they made me sit in a room which seemed to last forever.

Finally, a doctor came inside and tried to act real nice to me so I wouldn't be scared that he would hurt me when he gave me the shot. Still I remained normal and not suspicious. It was when he got out the gauss pad and started rubbing my arm that I started getting suspicious. When he finally got out the needle I went crazy.

First, I went down to my mom and begged her to protect me. She just told me to be brave.

Then, I ran up to the table again and screamed, telling them to stay away from me. It took four nurses to hold me while they gave me the shot and I didn't even feel the shot because I was so busy screaming and whining. [I also want to insert here that they chased me out of the room, up and down the hallway, then back into the room before they finally caught me. That's why there were four nurses by the time they gave me the shot.]

A very scary thing that happened in my life was when I was in fourth grade. My dad's whole family and their children had a family reunion at Seven Peaks Resort Water Park. Lonnie and I went on the huge slides for about an hour then we decided to go to the wave pool. We stayed in there for a while, but then Lonnie wanted to go on the slides again. So he left and I went to find someone to go in the wave pool with. I ended up finding my cousin named Ricky, who is two years younger than me, and we got some tubes and went to the wave pool. When we got there the waves weren't going, so, we decided just to go to the deep end until the waves start to go again. I guess Ricky started to get bored or something and started to try something out of his mind because he couldn't swim. He tried to stand up on his tube without falling off which I had already told him not to. Of course, he fell off, and I ended up having to save him.

He was thrashing around, so, I knew that I would have to dive under him and hold him up until someone noticed he was drowning. So I took a deep breath and dove down as far as I could and pushed him up by his feet. Finally after what seemed about forty-five seconds, my other cousin Sheldon came and lifted him back up onto his tube.

12th Grade
When I finally got up, I climbed up onto my tube and collapsed.I never went into the wave pool again that day.

[Another note: This experience is what later led me to become an outdoor pool lifeguard for 3 years. I had the sexiest tan ever!]

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Grandmama and Gramps said...

Great stories! You & Melanee had similar dr experiences :)

Liesel K Hill said...

Great stories. Even if your writing is very 7th grade, you still expressed yourself very well for that age. It's fun to go back and see our earlier writing, isn't it? I think mine is much horribler (;D) than yours was. :D

Terron James said...

It is entertaining, Liesel. This is probably obvious, but I'm even more interested in the psychology behind my writing than in the actual writing itself. My sisters and I cannot remember why I hated them so much. :/