November 12, 2012

The New, Old Me!

Dear committed fans, casual readers, and random bystanders,

I know my lack of networking lately has been dismal at best. I am feeling extremely handicapped by my stupid shoulder. Although this may not be readily apparent in my social networking, this shoulder and teaching business has made me quite grumpy about my lack of networking. I already felt like I was barely keeping my head above water when I was a fully functional teacher, but now it has become ridiculous.

Good news is, I've learned a lot about what I can and should cut out of my teaching life. As much as it rips my heart out and grinds it on the asphalt, I just don't have the time to be the kind of teacher I want to be this year. I've been telling myself since July something along the lines of "I just need to wait until (insert lame excuse here) is over, then I'll be able to jump back in." That time is never gonna just happen, especially since I have to go back to school this spring to finalize my teaching certificate. I'm going to have to make some compromises all around so that I don't neglect my authorian necessities and obligations. I have been seriously neglecting my writing craft, and that terrifies me.

Wednesday, I am meeting with my doctor to see if it's time to take off the sling. PRAY TO ALL DEITIES THAT IT IS! I won't be able to use my shoulder fully for another 5 months, but I can FINALLY start working toward something! No more being trapped! Hrm... trapped is a great word to define the past month, like a dog leashed to the bumper of a car cruising down the freeway, totally at the mercy of everything around me and danger lurking around every bend. Anyway, once the sling comes off, I'll be able to start using my right arm in whatever capacity my right shoulder will allow. No more one-handed typing. HUZZAH!

I've been thinking back to the two years it took me to write the rough draft of my book, Insight (release date - June 1, 2013). Up at 4:45 AM, hour bus ride to SLC, write until 7 AM, work until 4 PM, school until 7 PM, hour bus ride home, and homework until midnight. Rinse, spin, repeat. I did this before for two consistent years. I can do it again! I WILL start doing it again! Expect to start seeing daily facebook and twitter posts. Expect to see weekly blog posts. Expect to see new writing creations. Expect to see a new and improved Terron, because I'm coming back, baby! *fist pump*

Yours Truly,

Author Terron James, Extraordinaire


Kirk said...

Woot, woot!

Christopher Loke said...

You simply must!

Anonymous said...

I think you're doing a great job at balancing your life. I am halfway through your first book (meaning I am an anonymous sevvy)and love it. However, after staying up all night to be able to say that, I officially have just about every last Beholders term stuck in my head.

Elsie Park said...

You're a trouper, Terron! Now go conquer the world!

Scott Bryan said...

You can dooo it!
Hang in there. I know that road. It can be done.