March 21, 2013

Book Review - Pitch Green

Another ARC (Advance Reading Copy) has made its way to my doorstep, but this time from The Brothers Washburn. Berk and Andy Washburn , aka “The Brothers Washburn,” are both lawyers by profession, writers at heart. They grew up together roaming the wastelands of the Mojave Desert, where most of this novel series is set. Both brothers returned from lengthy and successful careers in the wastelands of the law to write YA horror stories based on the wastelands of their youth. They currently live north of Denver, Colorado. The Dimensions in Death series is merely the beginning of the ingenious and spine-tingling world of The Brothers Washburn. Be on your guard, people, there is a new Grimm in town.

Pitch Green, my friends, is an exciting thriller that gets your blood pumping from beginning to end. One specific character, Camelot Mist Smith, is destined to be the Nancy Drew of this decade. She definitely has the brains and courage to keep her unauthorized and even prohibited sleuthing moving forward.

The supernatural happenings in the book are grounded just enough to give you the impression that there might be a scientific explanation behind them. Washburns' descriptions are vivid enough to leave you with an extra sense of vulnerability. You will be scared. No questions asked.

The Brothers Washburn

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Anonymous said...

Would you take look at that? I'm reading this book and it is great. Wow! Who would know that two lawyers could write such a fantastic YA thriller.