April 11, 2011

Rose Springs Elementary School - Take 3

This is the third wave of my Q/A from the students of Mrs. Nielsen's 6th grade class at Rose Springs Elementary School. This post will focus on Jaeds and Braedr. I've said this before, but I just can't get over how impressed I am with this class! Great questions!

"What is a Jade?" -Chelsea
"What exacly is a Jade?" -Katrina & Matt

Alas, this is a very difficult question--not because I don't know the answer, but because you are not supposed to know the answer yet. I will post a segment of Insight here to show what you should know about Jaeds so far. This is from chapter 5, when the Marcs and Kaylen were discussing Stick-Stack.


“Beholders have always been male,” Shalán answered, “and for good reasons. One man could repopulate an entire village if there were enough women to supply the need. The Jaeds are very wise. They wouldn’t sentence Appernysia to extinction by sending our women into battle.”

“Your mother and I disagree on this one point,” Aron said. “Although I don’t argue with her opinion about women fighting in wars, I don’t think the Jaeds are concerned with that fact.”

“Beholders, True Sight, Jaeds. I can’t keep track of all of these names,” Mellai said impatiently. “What in the world is a Jaed?”

“I had the same question,” Lon inserted.

“Nobody knows for sure,” Aron answered, “although some people have formed their own opinions about them. The only thing everyone agrees on is that Jaeds regulate the use of the energies that Beholders wield—and that only Beholders can see them. The Rayders also have historical accounts of Jaeds intervening when Beholders got too overzealous with their powers.”

“How come I haven’t heard of a Jaed before now?” Kaylen asked. “It makes sense that Lon and Mellai haven’t because you’ve protected them from certain parts of the Rayder history, but I’m surprised I haven’t.”

“Because Jaeds are usually only known to the Rayders,” Aron answered. “When the Rayders were exiled and the Beholders were killed, the knowledge of Jaeds passed out of existence in Appernysia. However, the Rayders maintain knowledge of them in hopes that a Jaed will supply the Rayders with another Beholder someday.”

“I know about the Jaeds because I know your father,” Shalán continued, sensing the question burning in her children’s minds."


This is all the Marcs know and it drives Lon crazy that, as a Beholder, he hasn't seen a Jaed yet. Sorry, but this is all I can tell you right now. You just might find more answers as you get closer to the end of this book. ;)

"If Lon is a Beholder, does that mean that Mellai is something? Perhaps a Jaed?" -Brianna
"I'm wondering if Mellai is a Beholder or even a Jade." -Matt
"Is Mellai a Jade?" -Katlyne & Katrina

I assume you ask these questions because Lon and Mellai are twins. You are obviously paying attention to the more subtle details of the book! Great job!

To answer your question, I will address what the Marcs know at the end of Chapter 7. According to Aron, Jaeds can only be seen by Beholders. If that is true, everyone must be a Beholder because everyone can see Mellai. If Aron's statement is not true, then I suppose Mellai could be a Jaed. That's all I can say, sorry!

"Why is Braedr a depressed weirdo? Does he have family problems?" -Matt
"How come Mellai doesn't like Braedr?" -Ashley

Before I answer your questions, let me introduce Braedr to everyone who hasn't read Insight. Braedr is the only child of the village blacksmith. He is talented, handsome, confident, and all the young women of Pree swoon over him--except for Mellai and Kaylen.

Here is a quote from chapter 1 of Insight. It explains Braedr's relationship with the Marcs and Kaylen.

"Braedr became extremely upset only a short time after the Marcs arrived in Pree. Lon had quickly stolen the heart of Kaylen, who Braedr considered to be his childhood sweetheart. As a method of retaliation, he changed his focus to Mellai. She intrigued him because she wanted nothing to do with him. Naturally, Braedr wanted the one thing he couldn’t get and made it his goal to claim Mellai as his own. It became an obsession for him, but had nothing to do with any internal affection for her. He just wanted Mellai as his prize. It had always amazed the twins that their parents didn’t recognize his negative qualities. As if to confirm Lon’s suspicions, Shalán invited Braedr over for dinner specifically to play matchmaker for Mellai."

So why does Mellai hate Braedr so much? She is a very headstrong girl and hates being the subject of anybody's project, especially when the reasons are as insincere and selfish as Braedr's.

"I really like how the main characters are twins." -Brianna
"I like how it leaves you hanging with questions so then you're even more eager to read. I also like how you solve one problem and then another one comes. It throws you through a twist." -Katrina

Thanks for the compliments! I've been told that one of the greatest strengths of Insight is the layered problems--that it keeps readers constantly on their toes. I hope it keeps you interested through the entire book!

This ends Take 3! Watch for Take 4!

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