April 25, 2011


These are snippets from a conversation I had today with Mrs. Nielsen, specifically about her 6th grade class' response to BEHOLDERS: INSIGHT.

"Some of my students go to a computer class. One of them begged me not to read while they were gone. I had to rearrange my schedule so I could read while he was there. I have been reading the blog posts to them, too. They really are loving it!"

"I know a few kids have gotten on the blog and checked it out because they talk about it in class."

"They keep asking me to read an hour a day!"

My personal favorite:

"My students were asking me if you sent your book to Scholastic or any other publishers because how can this not be published yet????"

I asked Mrs. Nielsen if she has finished reading the book herself. This was her response:

"I have just been reading it with them. I don't want to bring it home and then forget to take it back. I might get lunch thrown at me!"

I'm glad to hear it's such a hit! I am officially scheduled to visit their class on May 19. I can't wait to meet them!


Jen said...

That is so great! Sounds like you have a real winner on your hands! I also know that school to be wonderful (my aunt teaches there) are you looking for an agent or planning on self publishing?

Terron James said...

I am currently looking for an agent.

Kim said...

Jen... who is your aunt???