April 15, 2011

Two Fantastic Updates!

I have two quick updates from Mrs. Nielsen, a 6th grade teacher at Rose Springs Elementary School. It is her class that has been reading my unpublished YA fantasy novel, Beholders: Insight.

"I just had a student come in and tell me you inspired him. He wants to write his own book and started last night."

"I have to tell you what happened today. We read our usually 30 minutes and stopped right where [a person] was kidnapped. I shut the book and they started screaming, NOOOOOO, you have to read more! I said I can't, time is up. One student (a boy, mind you) said, I will start crying if you stop! So we read another chapter for another 30 minutes. Don't take offense, but when the creature came and saved [a person], my students thought the creature was a werewolf. Ha ha! So I said, IT'S JACOB!!!! It was hilarious! We were having a lot of fun with it today. They are really enjoying it!"

I have since discovered that the student who decided to start a book was Howie. I'm very excited for you, Howie! I'll be looking for you when I come visit your school next month!

I won't lie. Agency rejections are tough, but they are NOTHING compared to the satisfaction of receiving feedback like this (even with references to Jacob *snicker*). As I told Mrs. Nielsen, mission accomplished! I can die happy. Seriously.


Webmaster said...

This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

This shows how amazing the novel truly is. Kids don't hide or mask their feelings!