August 5, 2011

Beholders Feedback

Just wanted to take a moment to post some of the feedback I've been receiving about BEHOLDERS: INSIGHT since it was released last Saturday, July 30, 2011. These are just a handful of the comments I've been tracking on facebook this past week.

"Bought the book Friday evening; finished it Tuesday night; one word - FABULOUS! I was absolutely captivated!"

"I am loving every minute of your book! It is VERY compelling."

"Your book is one of the best I've ever read! Seriously! I love it!"

"Booky worms! Want an excellent, creative and incredibly imaginative read?! INSIGHT by Terron James is the book for you!"

"My husband and two oldest grandsons have all read your book in the last five days. They all really liked it!"

"I am reading Terron's book, INSIGHT. His book is action packed and hard to put down! I always wanted to be able to write like that."

"Where can I get Terron's book? My daughters loved it! I NEED it!!!!!!!"

"Just thought I would shoot you a quick message to tell you I hate your stinking guts. I thought about sending it right after I finished reading your book at 1:00 AM, but decided to be nice and wait for a more civil hour. I hate how you finished it, but only because I want to know what happens now! I really love some of the personal and moral issues that you address throughout the story. The drive to honorably fulfill one's responsibility, the inner conflict with killing, and struggling against your natural abilities in order to try to be what you think the world thinks you should be. Nice!"

"For any of you who don't know, Terron James just released Insight, the first book in his Beholders series. For anyone who enjoys books like Eragon or Percy Jackson and the Olympians or anything along those lines, you should check it out!"

"If only people would read it, they would know what they have been missing. Terron's book deserves to be #1, and I am not kidding. It is so good!"

"FINISHED!!!! Loved it! Great job my man. Get to writing because I want the next book NOW! I know I'm your friend but I've been thinking about this all night."

Here are three recent responses that were left on the Reviews link, which can be found at the top of this website (you can find other older reviews there as well):

"I definitely recommend this book to anyone with a taste for adventure and excitement. I read it in three days because I could not put it down! 'Insight' is one of the most imaginative and creative books I have ever read! Definitely right up there with the Lord of the Rings series, The Hobbit, and the Eragon series. Excellent adventure and descriptions. I loved the maps and pictures, it really helped me get a picture in my mind and further my understanding of the terrain, creatures, architecture etc. I could definitely see the author's writing style evolve from the beginning to the end and I cannot wait to read his next!"

"While it took me a while to get into the book, I was completely sucked in after a while, and absolutely could not put it down. I read through the night, practically from cover to cover. Definitely a book worth reading, buying, and reading again."

"As an avid reader, fantasy is a book genre that I have always proclaimed dislike toward. After reading Terron's Insight novel, however, I am whistling a different tune. The writing, storyline, characters, twists, and symbolism are sensational. This novel is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Terron James and success!"

I have already had over 80 sales in the past 7 days, and been invited to do book signings at our local county fair. It may not sound like an incredible amount of sales, but when you consider (1) that I self-published and (2) that it is my very first published work, I'm more than satisfied!

Spread the word, friends! BEHOLDERS is going to take over the world!! :)

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