August 22, 2011

Great news!! (mostly)

I know a man named Clay. He has a junior-high-aged son who hates reading. This is a scenario with which I'm all too familiar and is one of the main driving reasons I decided to write BEHOLDERS in the first place. I wanted to give our youth a good reason to start/continue reading.

Clay took my challenge and bought a copy of BEHOLDERS: INSIGHT a couple weeks ago. I just found out that Clay's son was put in detention for reading my book during class lecture time. Apparently his son was openly reading it on the desk, so the teacher asked him to put the book away. A few minutes later, the teacher caught him reading the book under his desk and gave him detention.

Not exactly what I was going for, but I'm glad his son finally found a book that caught his attention! :)


J. A. Bennett said...

That actually is pretty awesome. Getting kids to read, that's one of my goals too :)

Laura B said...

Man, must you write such things to cause a poor kid to get detention? Send the teacher a free copy of the book so he/ she can see how riveting it is. :)