August 15, 2011

Insight Sample #2 (from Chapter 4)

“Quiet,” Lon barked. “We need to get off the road.”

Almost immediately, a huge beast burst onto the road a stone’s throw in front of Mellai. It had an appearance similar to one of their village donkeys, but stronger, leaner, its shoulders towered over the top of Mellai’s head. As it moved, its coat of short black hair cast a waving sheen under the rays of the overhead sun.

It was the first horse either of them had seen. Under a different circumstance, the sight of it would have been awe-inspiring, but its magnificence was overshadowed by the sight of the man sitting upon its back, a sword gripped in his hand. Lon recognized him as the same Rayder they saw the night before.

The Rayder’s lips tightened in anger the moment he saw Mellai. He gave a terrifying shout and dug his heals into the horse’s sides, causing them to spring forward with tremendous power.

For Lon, time froze when the Rayder and his horse entered the road. He reached for his twin sister, knowing the situation was hopeless. The dreaded haze appeared and instantly filled his vision, yet he could clearly see the glowing figures of Mellai and the Rayder through the dense fog.

Just as the Rayder raised his sword arm to slash at Mellai, something bright shot from Lon’s hand. It connected with his sister, brightened for an instant, and exploded, throwing her off the road away from the charging horse.

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